The Real Story of What Happened to The Plxie Kitchen

by Werner Persey
(Philomath, Oregon)

I see many posts speculating on what happened to the Pixie Kitchen. I worked there from age 14, in the early 1970's, until age 22 - when I graduated from college.

Harry Smith became the owner in the mid 1970's. He was a great guy. Although not a college graduate himself, he valued a college education and helped out several of the college students working there with a little something extra for books and tuition. Even when The Pixie Kitchen was struggling. Harry was well-read, knew what was happening in the world. Self educated, hard-working and as smart as any college graduate.

In the 1970's, we would sometimes have waits for tables, in the summer months, of close to two hours before you could be seated. People would wait - they loved the setting and the food that much. But, Harry wanted to do better.

Probably around 1979 -1980, he constructed another wing with seating for maybe 60 -70 more diners, which certainly helped with the wait. But, that wing increased his debt. In the winter, business was slow and he could not keep up on payments. The original owner, who he owed money to, suggested he go to an all-buffet. Which he did. Well, that cost money, too.

Around 1982-1983, he could just not keep going. People wanted the good individual seafood orders they remembered from the menu - not a buffet. So, he closed. I guess the restaurant supply place was his biggest creditor at that time, which is how they got the place in the early 1980's. May have been run under the original name for a while before being opened up under other names.

There was a fire in the upstairs apartment that did close the place down for good. One of the tenants purposely lit the bed on fire, for reasons I will not go into here.

Smoke damage and pretty centered to the bed, which burned through the roof. Fire did not really get into the bar and restaurant area. Probably could have been fixed up and opened again. But, what - open up this business that struggles to make it most of the year in the rainy months. Or take the insurance money and call it quits. They made the smart business decision.

Those of us who worked there still have our memories, but one of the neatest ramshackle buildings in Lincoln City is gone.

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