Oregon Coast Tide Tables

Oregon coast tide tables are extremely important charts to understand for boaters, especially as they are maneuvering their vessels in, out, and over the bars of the coast. For them, it can mean the difference between safe travel and disaster.

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The key factors to consider when checking the tides of the Oregon coast are swell heights, times and heights of low and high tides, and the difference in the height of the low tide following each high tide. Kind of confusing, huh?

There's quite a bit to it all and it's pretty interesting if you really want to know all about it. For what you need to know as a boater, click right here.

how ocean tides work

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In a nutshell, tide changes are a result of the gravitational attractions of the sun and the moon and is all about the rise and fall of the sea level.

When the tide rises (high tide), it comes toward the shore and is known as a flood current. When the tide is low, it's receding from the shore and is called an ebb current. Here's some more great, detailed information about what tides are, why they change, how frequently they change and a lot more.

If you happen to be a teacher, this would be terrific stuff for your classroom.

Come on and admit it, though! All we're really thinking about is what are the best times to get on those big rocks and not get swept out to sea. Right? Tidal tables can tell you that.

Tide pooling is also at the height of popularity when low tide comes around. All the fascinating treasures that the ocean bottom holds are exposed for everyone to see and you have the opportunity to really see some interesting stuff.

The photo at the top of this page is of a gentleman that my wife and I met while walking along Nye Beach in Newport one morning.

It was a low tide at the time and he began sharing with us how he and his wife are out there every morning during low tide, searching for agates, shells, and such that they turn into jewelry and sell at the local Farmer's Market. I can't recall his name, but if you're reading this, "HI!" ;)

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Now, if you are venturing out on an adventure, be very aware of tide changes. The ocean cannot be tamed and it's been known to sweep many an unsuspecting visitor into it.

Always wear shoes with a good tread on them that are slip-proof. Wet rocks can be extremely slick and exposed barnacles do not help matters any.

Caution is the name of the game, especially when it comes to your children. Be sure you know where they are at all times when they're playing in the surf and climbing around as kids tend to do.

You can get an Oregon coast tide tables book from nearly any merchant along the coastline. Some shops I've visited offer smaller versions at no charge.

If a place happens to charge for the particular tide table book they carry (these are often more detailed), you'll probably shell out a buck or two at the most.

If you happen to be reading this right now (haha. Make sense out of that!), you have immediate access to the high and low tide tables information for the cities up and down the Oregon coast. Click right here for all the Oregon coast tide tables information from NOAA.

Have fun and stay safe!

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